Premium Sports Car 2016 : Nissan GT-R And Porsche Boxster

Premium Sports car 2016

The two Premium Sports car 2016 are here for you with detailed information. I hope you will enjoy reading the details about Nissan GT-R and Porsche 718  Boxster. These cars have amazing sporty looks and powerful engine with many other technological advancement.


Here we are with all new premium sports car of 2016, Nissan GT-R, overloaded with new features that will amaze you. The car has price starting from $101,770 which gives you features like Horsepower of 545 to 600 HP, MPG of 16 in city and 22 on highway. The total curb weight of the muscular Nissan GT-R is around 3850 lbs. The heavy loaded muscular sports car Nissan GT-R has engine of 3.8L V6.
Nissan GT-R

Talking about the exterior of the car, Nissan GT-R sports car has following wonderful exterior features:

  1. Adaptive Multi-LED Headlights
    Nissan GT-R has efficient, daylight-spectrum and multi-LED headlights. But these four LED units do more than look the part. They have power to adjust illumination pattern based on its speed.
  2. Hybrid Structure Of Body
    Nissan GT-R comes with a unique hybrid body made of high-strength steel, die-cast aluminum, carbon fiber and composite materials.

The interior of the car will make you feel like sitting on the couch at home. Nissan GT-R has leather-appointed front seats and these bolstered sport seats help keep you in place, while cutouts in the driver’s seat cushion help facilitate leg movement.

Performance of Nissan GT-R has touched the highest level with the 3.8-liter Twin-turbocharged V6 Engine.The 545-hp twin-turbo V6 engine of Nissan GT-R has massive strength. The powerful twin turbo takes advantage of a Premium Midship (PM) design for balance, where much of the engine sits back in the chassis. The engine is uniquely brilliant.

Technology used in this car makes the controlling of the car very easy and swift.The 3 Mode system is what makes GT-R so remarkably versatile, it allows you to adjust transmission, suspension and VDC settings on the fly. To get maximum performance switch into R-Mode and for everyday driving use Normal Mode and Special Mode for long distances and slippery surfaces.

Special Edition
There is an option to go for special edition of GT-R which has the below features

  1. Dry Carbon Fiber Spoiler
    You can get dry carbon fiber spoiler which are significantly lighter and stiffer than a spoiler made of traditional carbon fiber. Dry carbon spoiler are better because of its lightness and it also provides better handling.
  2. Black/Red Interior
    Nissan GT-R has heavily bolstered and featuring integrated headrests which are best features that you can get. Recaro performance seats help keep you firmly in place even during the most intense cornering.
Horsepower  545 hp , 6400 rpm
Engine 3.8L V6 Engine
Top Track Speed 196 mph
Fuel Consumption City (estimate) 16 City
Highway (estimate) 23 Highway
Price from MSRP $ 101,000.00


Porsche 718 Boxster

Porsche 718 Boxster

The new Porsche 718 Boxster is much powerful and appealing than before. It has got some new amazing features that will blow your mind.

At first glance it looks sporty and at the second glance you will be blown away by the amazing design of the car. It is low, wide and sleek. The distinctive edges and clearly defined formal counters will blow your mind.

The car looks wider from the front end and the design has incorporated the LED daytime running lights. The wheel arches are large, designed for wheels up to 20 inches in size. Contouring on the doors purposefully directs headwind into the large air intake grilles on either side of the car which gives a powerful forward thrust.New exterior mirrors have V shaped base.When closed, the fabric hood of the 718 Boxster completes the sleek silhouette typical of a sports car.

The interior of the new 718 Boxster is fully geared for sporty performance. A strong emphasis on the horizontal gives the new dashboard design a astonishing appearance. The optional GT sport steering wheel with its smaller diameter further enhances the cockpit feel. The new, fundamentally revised version of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) features a 7-inch multi-touchscreen.

Porsche 718 Boxster is comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged horizontally opposed engine that develops 300 hp at 6,500 rpm. Maximum torque is 380 Nm. It is also available in 1,950 rpm  and prevails until 4,500 rpm. With Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), the new Porsche 718 Boxster accelerates from 0 to 60 mp/h in only 4.7 seconds, reaching a top track speed of 170 mph. It comes with 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed PDK, featuring both a manual and an automatic mode.

Technical Features and Specification

Manual PDK
Horsepower 300 hp at 6500 rpm 300 hp at 6500 rpm
0 – 60 mph 4.9 sec 4.7 sec (4.5 sec w/ Sport Chrono)
Top Track Speed 170 mph 170 mph
Fuel Consumption City (estimate) TBD mpg TBD mpg
Highway (estimate) TBD mpg TBD mpg
Price from MSRP $ 56,000.00 from MSRP $ 59,200.00